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Plaque Psoriasis - Study for adults with mild-to-moderate chronic plaque psoriasis


Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease of skin and joints. It affects 1.5 to 3% of the general population in Europe and more than 125 million people worldwide. ZL-1102 (an IL-17 inhibitor) is being developed for the topical treatment of chronic plaque psoriasis of mild to moderate severity.

This study involves comparison of ZL-1102 Gel vs. placebo in a 1:1 ratio.


Inclusion Criteria

  • Age between 18-75 years

  • Stable chronic plaque psoriasis with:

    • < 10% affected Body Surface area

  • Suitable psoriatic Plaque:

    • Lesion size: > 9cm2 to 100 cm2

    • Lesion stable for ≥ 3 months

  • Willing to complete a daily patient diary.

  • Willing to avoid excess exposure to natural or artificial UV light during the treatment period.

Exclusion Criteria

  • Forms of psoriasis other than chronic plaque-type (e.g., pustular, erythrodermic and guttate psoriasis, palmar, plantar, scalp or nail disease)

  • Drug-induced psoriasis

  • Ongoing topical/systemic treatments

  • Activate system infections/local infection of suitable plaque within 2 weeks of randomisation

    • HIV/HBV/HCV positive

  • Inability or unwillingness to undergo repeated venepuncture for skin biopsies.

  • History or evidence of drug or alcohol abuse within 1 year prior to screening

  • Have had a live vaccine 6 weeks prior to baseline


6 visits (Screening, Baseline, 3 Treatment and 1 Follow-up visit)

  • Screening visits will take approximately 1 hour, (trial explanation, obtaining consent, gathering patient history, physical examination, total & local PASI score ECG and biological samples)

  • Baseline & subsequent treatment visits will take approximately 45 minutes (AEs and con meds, physical exam, local PASI score & plaque size, photography of target sites, gathering biological samples).

  • The last treatment visit will take approximately 4 hours – same procedures as above + 4-hour post treatment PK sampling.

  • The follow-up visit will take approximately 30 minutes (AEs and con meds, physical exam, gathering biological samples, local PASI score & plaque size).

Total = ~8 hours distributed over 6 weeks


Travel and food will be reimbursed for study visits. Also, a $200 Woolworths voucher will be provided to study participants at the end of the study upon completion.

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