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Join our study and receive new potential treatment, free of charge!

Bacterial Vaginosis recurrence study


Bacterial Vaginosis is the most common vaginal infection for which women seek gynecological care; however, it has high recurrence rates after standard treatment with antibiotics (~50% at 3-6 months). This study aims to assess the safety and preliminary evidence of efficacy of bovine lactoferrin in preventing the recurrence of bacterial vaginosis following treatment with vaginal antibiotics (metronidazole). Bovine lactoferrin is a highly purified protein isolated from cows’ milk and formulated as a vaginal tablet.


Do you currently have a vaginal infection that you suspect is bacterial vaginosis? If so, consider joining our study and receive a new potential treatment and medical care for bacterial vaginosis free of charge.


In order to be eligible you must meet the following criteria:

  • Premenopausal woman aged 18-45

  • When examined in our clinic, you are found to have bacterial vaginosis with symptoms such as malodour, vaginal discharge, etc

Time Commitment for this Study

  • The duration of this study is 25 weeks including 7 clinic visits and 2 telephone visits

  • Begin with a 5-day treatment of bacterial vaginosis using standard antibiotics

  • After antibiotics, start a 12-week course of once daily administration of lactoferrin before bedtime

  • End with 12 weeks of follow-up with no additional medications given

  • For the duration of the study, perform once weekly self-collection of vaginal swabs to assess the potential restoration of a healthy vaginal microbiome


Patients will be compensated for time (includes collection of home specimens) and travel once enrolled on the study.


If you are interested in joining this study, please contact us using the form below.

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