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If you suffer with a mental health issue like depression or anxiety you are not alone. You may be surprised to know that according to ABS reports, around one in five Australians between the age of 16 and 85 suffer with mental health problems in any given year. Your mental wellbeing has an enormous impact on not just how you feel, think, sleep or function but it can also influence other health factors like heart health and your ability to manage other conditions.

If you are concerned about any mental health issues including depression, anxiety, addictions ,post natal depression, phobias, panic attacks, stress or relationship issues please talk to one of our doctors for advice. Getting help is vitally important. Many of our doctors have a special interest and additional training in mental health and psychology. We can offer advice, counselling and referral when appropriate to other health care professionals like psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and mental health counsellors.

At East Sydney doctors, we also have experienced clinical psychologists and drug and alcohol counsellors on site. Some patients may be eligible for a mental health care plan and medicare rebates for psychological services.

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