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Monkeypox (MPX) is a newly identified viral infection most commonly seen in Europe and North America. MPX has recently spread to Australia with about 130 cases so far.

For most people MPX starts with ‘flu-like symptoms (fever, headaches, aches and pains) associated with a rash that then turns into pimples, skin sores and blisters that heal up over a couple of weeks. The sores can be mild or very uncomfortable depending on the location.

Symptoms begin 5 to 21 days after exposure. People are infectious from the beginning of symptoms until the last scab has healed over.

Transmission happens from close contact (socially or during sex) with a skin sore, from coughing or sneezing from a person with MPX or from contaminated objects such as towels or bedding. If you are concerned about possible infection, contact us at East Sydney Doctors as soon as possible. You should isolate yourself at home until we can organise a test.

We will collect a sample for testing by taking a skin swab. MPX vaccines can be given either before or after a person is exposed to the virus, but before exposure is recommended for the best protection.

If you are at risk for MPX (currently most people at risk are men who has sex with men) then contact us for a free vaccination. We are using the third generation JYNNEOS smallpox/monkeypox vaccination which is given as 2 vaccinations 28 days apart.

Currently supplies are limited so we are only providing the first vaccination until we
have more stock.


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