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Dr Catherine Insley is a GP and a Director of East Sydney Doctors.


Catherine originally trained in London, qualifying in 1988. She continued her GP and public health training in Gosford and the UK. She practiced at the University of Nottingham and also worked in community family planning clinics specialising in IUDs or coils for contraception.


Cath returned to Australia in 1999 and initially worked at the Family Planning clinic in Chatswood and then the Kirketon Road Clinic in Kings Cross (sexual health and drug and alcohol service).

After a few more years’ experience in General practice in the Eastern Suburbs Cath joined Gynaecare (Clinic 66) on the North Shore. Over the next 9 years she worked on developing her procedural skills within the family planning arena (IUDs, vasectomies, colposcopies and abortion or termination of pregnancy).  She became the director of this business in 2011 and has recently moved back to the East.

Cath also worked as a coordinator of care for Central Australia Health and RFDS retrievals in remote communities in Central Australia. The majority of this was done over the phone with occasional fly in fly out locums in remote community clinics. 


Special interests are female sexual health, contraception and management of unplanned pregnancies. She also provides opiate replacement therapy, together with a local pharmacy dispenser, for those who are living and stabilised in the community. Prescriptions cannot be done until the application has been approved by NSW health and the previous prescriber has submitted the transfer documents.


Catherine offers medical termination of pregnancy at both East Sydney Doctors and also Bondi Road Doctors but can only provide onsite ultrasound at East Sydney Doctors. If you are seeking this service at Bondi Road Doctors then you will need an ultrasound at an imaging centre before the service can be finalised. If you need a referral for an ultrasound, please ask the reception staff to ask Catherine to ring you prior to your appointment for a referral so that the report is available at your appointment.


For IUD, coil, IUS insertion, it is best to have this procedure when women are menstruating as this means insertion is easier and less painful as the cervix is slightly dilated. It also means that pregnancy is very unlikely. An IUDs can be inserted at other times in the cycle as long as there has been abstinence since the beginning of the last period or there has been good contraceptive cover. It is also best to take some oral pain relief prior to the insertion. Ibuprofen is both easily accessible and helps with cramping during and after insertion.

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