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Dr Brad McKay is an experienced Family Doctor who moved from Melbourne and joined the team at East Sydney Doctors.


He started studying Medicine at Monash University when he was just 16 years old and he was qualified as a Doctor by the age of 21.  


In 2013 he became a Medical Expert and Host of the Logie-Nominated television programme 'Embarrassing Bodies Down Under'. This is an Australian version of the original British TV series 'Embarrassing Bodies', a TV show dedicated to decrease the stigma attached to embarrassing health problems and increase awareness of traditionally ‘taboo’ topics.


Dr Brad has worked with Aboriginal Communities on the Central Coast of New South Wales and also at Naas General Hospital in County Kildare, Ireland, as an Emergency Medicine Registrar.


He is passionate about all aspects of medicine especially Sexual Health, Men’s Health, Mental Health, Paediatrics & Women’s Health. Brad also sees many transgender patients. He is an experienced world traveller and is keen to provide you with travel advice and immunisations.


In his spare time he enjoys Improvisational Theatre, public speaking, podcasting, writing health-related articles, blogging, running, cycling and he tests out his artistic and creative talents wherever possible. He regularly presents on Channel 9 for 'Today Extra'. 


He is active on Social Media and can be found on his Facebook Page (Dr Brad McKay), Twitter (@drbradmckay), Instagram (drbradmckay) and at his own website (

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