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 IUD's (Intrauterine Devices) 

Intrauterine devices are reversible and very reliable contraceptive options for people with a uterus.


They can be non-hormonal (copper IUDs) which are  very effective , but with the downside of making periods longer and heavier so not the best choice if you have a tendency for heavy or long periods, or iron deficiency. However many people are very happy with this choice especially if their natural period is light and short.


The hormonal IUDs (IUSs) are also extremely effective with the added benefit of shortening , lightening and often stopping periods. This is very well accepted side effect by most and is a great choice for those with heavy and painful periods.

Hormonal IUDs are also used by many women purely to manage heavy bleeding, and pain often associated with the perimenopause and endometriosis.


Insertion should be done during a period to ensure no risk of pregnancy. It is also easier for the person having the IUD and also the doctor inserting as the cervix is slightly opened to allow blood flow.


It is advisable to take ibuprofen 400-600mg 1 hour prior to your appointment. Most women cope well with the quick procedure, but there are always other options eg the green whistle of penthrox. The green whistle gives conscious pain relief and sedation but means that you will need someone to drive you afterwards.


At East Sydney Doctors, a quick ultrasound is done after insertion to confirm the device is in the correct position.

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