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From my desire to understand myself and others better, I became a Psychologist . Fourteen years later I am very experienced after working with clients in university, hospital and medical practice settings . I provide therapy in a non-judgmental , warm and friendly environment where you will feel heard and validated . That is as important as the  helpful strategies I will provide to help you with your issues. 

My areas of specialisation are the following: 

Self Worth and Self Esteem ; Relationships ( couples, work , family & friends) issues ; Stress related problems; Anxiety and Depression , personality related struggles and personality disorders ; Insomnia & other sleep issues 


I am also experienced in helping people with these situations and problems:

Trauma and post traumatic stress ; 

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder; Addiction; Eating Disorders and emotional eating 

The therapeutic modalities and strategies I use to help you manage and, where 

possible, resolve common struggles are : 

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy 

Behaviour Therapy 

Motivational Interviewing 

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy 

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy 

Attachment-based Therapy 

Mindfulness therapies including meditation 

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